PS Series

Disperse dyestuff with high sublimation fastness properties suitable for printing and thermosol dyeing processes

Bien|pers Yellow PS-6G
Bien|pers Yellow Br. PS-2R
Bien|pers Yellow Br. PS-2R Eco
Bien|pers Orange PS-3RS
Bien|pers Red PS-BEL
Bien|pers Red PS-5BL
Bien|pers Red PS-5BL Eco
Bien|pers Red PS-RB
Bien|pers Scarlet PS-2BL
Bien|pers Violet PS-3B
Bien|pers Brill Blue PS-BG
Bien|pers Blue PS-RD
Bien|pers Navy Blue PS-G
Bien|pers Black PS-R
Bien|pers Black PS-R Eco