Solution proposal for reducing carbon footprint in reactive dyeing processes

The passage “Yüksek fiksasyon / iyi yıkama özelliklerine sahip Jakazoll®EF, geliştirilmiş boya fiksasyonu ile optimize edilmiş inovatif boyama işlemi sunmaktadır. […]” can be translated into English as follows:

“Jakazol®EF, which possesses high fixation/good washing properties, offers an innovative dyeing process optimized with improved dye fixation.

Why Jakazol®EF?

Higher fixation efficiency
– Reduced cost
– Reduced wastewater pollution
Optimized dyeing process
– Reduced cost
– Reduced energy consumption

Special washing process (Ultra Wash Pro)
– Reduced cost
– Reduced water consumption
– Reduced energy consumption

Dyeing 100% cotton fabrics usually requires at least one hot soaping bath, even for lighter and mid-tones when using traditional dyes and processes.

Ultra Wash Pro allows for effective and faster removal of unfixed reactive dyes after dyeing or printing of cellulosic fibers and synthetic blends of 4% and above.

It prevents the re-absorption of hydrolyzed and unfixed dye by the fiber.
It is unaffected by pH, salt concentration, and hard water.
It reduces total water consumption.
It is suitable for both continuous and batch systems.
It is APEO and phosphate-free and is biodegradable.”
This passage outlines the benefits and features of Jakazol®EF and Ultra Wash Pro for dyeing processes.


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