Ecological solution for the reductive washing of PES and blends.

Reducer SWF is a synergistic blend of anionic polymers, designed to replace hazardous chemicals in reductive washings. It is compatible with automatic dosing systems and all types of dyeing machines. Reducer SWF enhances fastness by facilitating the removal of disperse dye from the fabric. In cotton/polyester blends, it allows for the application after cotton dyeing without needing a reducing cleaning agent after polyester dyeing, making it easier for the disperse dye to be removed from the fabric.

It is safer as it does not harm reactive dyes like reducing cleaning agents. In PES/Wool blends, it improves the weak washing effect due to the wool fiber’s sensitivity to alkali in Polyester reductive washings. It provides a cost advantage with a shorter process.

Reducer SWF is an ecological product and does not contain solvents.


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